Relax… It's weekend and Bayern play on Sunday :D

Ah, tiba-tiba pengen posting dua video lain nih…

Funny Video, starring Lahm, Basti, Mueller, Nerlinger

Berikut ini transkrip dialog pada video tersebut:

“We are going to win in white, I can feel it.” “I think in we can win in black.” “Men, it’s still going to be the referee who decides how we play.” “Yes, please.” “Those are the two tricots we have as choices”. “I don’t see a difference there.” “Show him our home-tricot.” “There is one more.” “Yeah the green one is alright.” Color is not important

We find our new Tarnat 😀

Pernah baca postingan saya tentang Tarnat? Kalau belum, silahkan search, itu postingan yang keren #narsis. Intinya, si Tarnat pernah jadi kiper ketika kedua kiper Bayern München cedera di sebuah laga.

Saya lalu bertanya-tanya, kira-kira kalau sampai kejadian semacam itu terulang lagi, Neuer sama Butt cedera (semoga tidak, but we have to prepare for any circumstances, right?), siapa yang bakal jadi kiper Bayern??? Opsi saya yang pertama adalah Lahm…#justkidding. Breno? Mungkin saja daripada cuma makan gaji buta :p

But finally, we find the perfect candidate:

Kiper Ketiga Bayern 😀



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