die Nationalmannschaft

Hey guys, sudah liat video ini?

die Nationalmannschaft

Berikut kami sertakan transkripnya dalam bahasa inggris:

Ask die Mannschaft

Thomas: Where do I look at? To you? ok, as usual …

Lukas: Here we go.

Fan 1: Lukas, what is your exact position on the pitch? 

Lukas: Yes, I am a striker, I have to stay here and score the goals. Here is the most important area (marking the penalty area)

Fan 2: So, as a woman, I would be interested to know what actually happens in the dressing room before and after the game?

Thomas: What’s happening in the dressing room will not be documented *laughs*

Fan 3: To Jogi Löw? A question? Oh God .. Fan 4 & 5: Jogi Löw, what would you ask him? – Whether he’s happy with his boys! – Yes, is he happy with the boys he choosed?

Jogi: This team is harmony, not only on the pitch but also off the court.

Fan 6: Philip, you’re currently one of the elders. What is this feeling?

Philipp: It’s funny when at 27, like me in the last qualifier, you’re the oldest on the court. It feels weird.

Fan 7: I have a very typical women’s issue: Which players where the loose jerseys and which the tight ones?

Basti: We have a few players that have the upper body to wear such a tight shirt, to wear the tech-fit jersey.

Lukas: *whistle*

Fan 7: Well, and who now exactly?

Thomas: Well, who wears it?! Poldi and Schweini I think. Whether they can wear it, I might not judge now *grins*

Fan 8: So guys, my question to you: Can we achieve the EURO-title this year?

Basti: Yes, if you look at the last tournaments …

Jogi: You sometimes need a little luck

Basti: … I think we deserve it definitely.

Jogi: We are strong enough, we have the self-confidence.

Philipp: Of course.

Thomas: We want to meet our own high demands.

Manu: We are on fire for the title.

Andre: It is clearly our goal to win the EURO. Fan 8: Tada ~ a!


Kami tambah deh satu video lagi sebagai bonus hehehe, tapi ga ada transkripnya nih :p #yaiyalah



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