Finale Dahoam pt 4


Dear friends, untuk part 4 dan 5, basically kita hanya akan sharing videos and photos terkait final pada Minggu dinihari yang akan datang. Hope you enjoy it as I do…

1. FC Bayern – The Road to Final

[youtube_sc url=””%5D

2. Press Conference Roberto Di Matteo

[youtube_sc url=””%5D

3. The Trophy in Munich 

[youtube_sc url=””%5D

4. Munich Getting Ready

[youtube_sc url=””%5D

5. Chelsea training

[youtube_sc url=””%5D

6. Bayern and Chelsea preparation

[youtube_sc url=””%5D

7. Bayern Players asked for Support from Fans

[youtube_sc url=”″%5D

8. Mia San Rot Weiss

[youtube_sc url=””%5D

9. The 2001 Glory… Fingers crossed for 2012 Glory…

[youtube_sc url=””%5D


As bonus, kita share beberapa jawaban Willy Sagnol di UEFA.COM ketika menjawab pertanyaan via twitter:

Lim Mingji @limmingji: Do you think Bayern have what it takes to stop both Torres and Drogba?

Sagnol: Yes, because the players coming in like Contento, played really well in the semi-finals of the Champions League two years ago. Tymoschuck is a very experienced player, as are Lahm and Boateng.

Kael Nangin @kaelnangin: What’s your prediction for the UEFA Champions League final?

Sagnol: As a fan, I have to say Bayern. It has to be!


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