Finale Dahoam pt 5


This will be our last post before the final… Hope you all enjoy what we share and thanks for reading all five articles.

1. Another nice video

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2. Bads and Alaba

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3. What They Think of The Final

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4. The Great Stadium

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5. We’ll Always Love You, FC Bayern

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Sebagai bonus, kembali kami tampilkan kutipan jawaban dari Giovane Elber di website resmi UEFA:

Josh Alidina @Joshshua: Hi Giovane, do you believe Bayern can make history with this team, just as Barcelona did four years ago?

Elber: I wouldn’t have thought so at the start of the season. I looked at the team and thought they looked good in attack but they had several major problems in defence. However, we’ve seen how they’ve pulled together, which is always important, and now they’re in the final. Hopefully they’ll win it and it will prove the start of a new era. We’ll be able to forget about 2001 and people will remember the team of 2012.

Rudolf Sebyeng @kindeuces: Do you think Bayern are favourites to win on Saturday?

Elber: No, I don’t think there is a favourite. Chelsea deserve their place in the final. They beat a very strong side in Barcelona, as did Bayern, but I think it’s 50-50. The team which makes the fewest mistakes will come out on top. However, it’s going to be a very tough match and I think it will be decided on penalties. Germans are always calmer on penalties, so perhaps Bayern will win!


I’ll end this article by sharing a little bit of my thoughts and feelling toward the final:

Sebagai fan, saya sudah tiga kali menyaksikan Bayern berlaga di final Champions League. Semoga besok, saya masih diberi kesempatan hidup oleh Sang Kuasa sehingga bisa menonton Bayern untuk ke-4 kalinya di final.

Dari tiga pertandingan sebelumnya, semuanya selalu berhasil menguras emosi saya, bukan saja pada saat pertandingan, tapi juga sebelum pertandingan. Kali ini pun tak berbeda. Maybe that’s because I love Bayern München very much.

Dua dari tiga pertandingan tersebut berakhir dengan kekalahan, which makes me very very sad. Sedangkan, final di tahun 2001 memberikan sukacita yang luar biasa bagi saya sebagai fan. Dan semoga di tahun 2012, saya dan kita semua penggemar setia Bayern kembali bisa merasakan sukacita itu. I am optimistic but don’t want to be over optimistic. I hope the team give their all tomorrow.


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