Terjemahan Konferensi Pers Pep Guardiola (bahasa Inggris)

Dear all, saya mendapatkan translasi konferensi pers Guardiola dalam Bahasa Inggris secara lengkap dari seorang teman di sebuah forum bernama “baby grey”.


[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuNpk2RWxzo”%5D


Markus Hörwick (media director): This is the largest press conference in the history of Bayern Munich. There are over 240 journalists from 11 countries present here today. I would like to welcome our colleagues from Brazil, Japan, Qatar, and the many journalists from Spain who have visited us today, to welcome their ex-trainer Pep Guardiola. Today, nearly 50 TV and radio stations are reporting from the Allianz Arena and the reason for this is that one of the most successful trainers in the world is returning to football. We welcome him in Germany and in Bayern Munich – Pep Guardiola. The others – Uli Hoeness, Karl Heinz Rummenigge, Matthias Sammer – and I are glad that he is returning to football, especially that of Bayern Munich. I hope that I’m not speaking too early. Pep Guardiola, welcome in Munich. Yesterday evening, you arrived here in Munich with your family. Today is your first day in Germany, the first working day with Bayern Munich. Please allow us a glimpse into your heart – how do you feel and what are you thinking at this moment?
Pep: Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Please excuse my German. I have lived in New York for one year, and it is not the optimal place to learn German. I hope to improve my German in the coming time here. But what I’m feeling today is that I’m happy not only to be here, but (I’m also happy) that Bayern Munich thought that I could be here. That’s why I want to thank Bayern Munich for this opportunity to be their new trainer.

MH:Why did you choose Bayern Munich, and not another club?

Pep: Their players and history. But I made the decision to join Bayern, because it is one of the largest clubs in the world. The bosses make the decision of who the trainer will be. And so this happened. (MH started to talk) They called me.

MH:But you made the decision whether to come to Munich or other cities. KHR, what does it mean for German football and Bayern Munich, that a guy like Pep Guardiola has become the trainer of Bayern Munich?

KHR: We worked very long to convince Pep to come to Bayern. I must say that it began 2 years ago, when we had the Audi Cup, in which Barcelona took part in. Uli Hoeness and I drank coffee with him and we had the impression that Pep had a fable for Bayern Munich, he likes the philosophy and he likes the team. And since then, we’ve stayed in contact with him and this intensified in the last year, when we stood before the question of who would be the new trainer of Bayern on 1st July 2013. We felt it was a great opportunity, a great challeng and even proud, to get the most successful trainer in the world, Pep Guardiola. We carried out talks and we carried out negotiations. But from the beginning, there was always the impression that this is a partnership that both parties want. Bayern Munich wants Pep and Pep wants Bayern Munich. We had this feeling since the first day and that’s why both parties worked to achieve this partnership, that we’re glad to have. Coming back to the question, this is a wonderful story for both Bayern and German football, because Uli, Matthias and I have played football at a relatively top-level. Whenever great foreign trainers join the Bundesliga, it has a very positive impact on football in Germany and the Bundesliga. This is also what Pep will guarantee German football. Pep’s work here will also influence German football and the Bundesliga.

MH: Uli Hoeness, Pep Guardiola becoming a trainer of Bayern is definitely one of the greatest coups of German football history. When did you personally have the feeling that this would work out?

UH: As KHR said, the talks lasted a long time. KHR visited Pep in Barcelona and Matthias Sammer and I conducted many talks with his brother and his aide in Munich. I met Pep and his family in his apartment in Central Park in New York. Five minutes after I entered his apartment, I felt that this would work out. We then talked about football for 3-4 hours and Pep even brought out his computer. Hence, after the 3-4 hours, I didn’t just feel, but knew that he was the right man. But I had already known this, because when we sat together during the Audi Cup, he said to KHR and I: “I can imagine to work for Bayern.” Then, I could envision him working for Bayern, and now, here he is.

MH: Pep, you took 1 year off and was in New York. How fit are you? How interested are you in football now?

Pep: I am ready. Being here is a new challenge for me. My time in Barcelona was wonderful, but I need a new challenge and Bayern Munich gave me this opportunity. That’s why I am ready to do my best and I am sure that all the Bayern fans will continue coming and will be proud of the players.

MH: I read that for Pep Guardiola, football is always more than 22 men and a ball. For him, football is a legend, tradition and beauty. Can you explain what football is to you?

Pep: I love this game, even before I played football. Now, as a trainer, I still love this game. I love to speak with young players, to see them on TV. It is my craving.

(there’s some crackly bits here and no audio of the interview)

UH: We must be grateful to all those involved in what happened in the previous years. We should not forget that we should thank Jupp Heynckes for we achieved last season. But now, we are at the top. As I always say, to be top is one thing, but to remain at the top is another. And this is the most difficult challenge that a trainer can be faced with. That’s why I think that Pep Guardiola is exactly the right person to take up this enormous challenge. I am certain that if it isn’t him, then who else can meet and accept this challenge?

MH: Pep, many people think that the biggest problem is that Bayern has won the triple. What more can Pep Guardiola achieve here, with Bayern Munich?

Pep: I must accept these comparisons. I must be able to live with it. There is always enormous pressure as a coach in a large club. I am aware of that. But I’m accepting this challenge. No problem. That’s why I’m a a trainer. Sometimes, as a trainer, one takes over a team that was relegated. This was the case in my first year as the coach of the 2nd team at Barcelona. Sometimes, one takes over a team that is trailing behind by 18 points. That was the case when I became the coach at Barcelona. Today, the situation is completely different. I’m taking over a team which played exceptionally well last season. The team had won 4 titles (3 titles plus the Supercup against BVB). No matter what the conditions are, as the coach of Bayern Munich, one must always win.

MH: Pep, you must share with us the name of your German teacher. I think there are many people whose grammar needs to be as good as yours. It is great to see how aware you are of the grammar.

Pep: Everything is memorized. When question comes, then everything disappears.

MH: I have a wonderful picture of 2 men each with a wonderful head of hair. A photo from the 1994 World Cup in the US. Matthias Sammer and Pep Guardiola – 2 men, a German and a Spaniard competing. How will it be like for the both of you for you to be together working for Bayern Munich after 19 years?

MS: Nice. It is a great pleasure to be sitting here. But it also means responsibility. And regarding hair, if the both of us want, we can do something to regain that head of hair, but that’s not what we want. What I also want to say is that I would like Guardiola, his family and also his training staff, to feel comfortable in Munich and to feel as if they were at home. Then we can work together for FC Bayern. But my greatest wish now is for the family to be integrated as quickly as possible and we must do everything we can for this to happen, so that Pep can concentrate on his work.

MH: Both of you, Matthias and Pep, are obsessed with football. For you, football is in your mind at every possible time. How does this work out for Bayern Munich?

MS: I think that now is the time for the introduction for the trainer and the opportunity to get to know each other better. We all have the responsibility to work with each other honestly for the club. Then I am confident of what I said a year ago, that we will have be able to have success immediately.

MH: KHR, what do you expect of Pep and the team?

KHR: We have a wonderful season behind us. There has been much mention of the word “Druck (pressure)” and I must say that I have much experience with this word, because I have experienced this many times as a player and even now with Bayern Munich. But I am just happy that we can collaborate with such an established and successful man – I must emphasize this point, because it makes me and the club proud. I am confident that we will experience a successful time. I have always said that at the end of the day, you would of course want to win titles. The most honest title would be the Bundesliga title, because good and bad luck doesn’t play such a big role over 34 matches. And the best title is the one that we celebrated in London a few weeks ago. But the main thing is the Bundesliga title and to do acceptably well in the other two competitions. In the UEFA rankings, Bayern in number 2. The first is FC Barcelona as usual, all thanks to Pep Guardiola. Over these few years, we have gained 10 points on FC Barcelona in the rankings, but because of the extremely successful period of time that Barcelona had with Pep, they are the number 1 as usual. However, we have seen that there isn’t automatism. There isn’t automatism in the Champions League. We look forward to working together, because I am curious to know how Pep works, what he changes in the team and what he leaves unchanged. I am also proud to be working with Pep and with the pressure, we will be very serious, but also very excited and sovereign.

MH: Pep, another question. Bayern will be playing against Barcelona on 24 July. What type of evening would that be for you?

Pep: I don’t know what I’ll feel. But it will be a special match, because of what I have done in Barcelona. I am sure that it will be a good preparation match for the Supercup match against Dortmund 3 days later. It will be a good test for us.

MH: How well do you already know the Bundesliga? Uli Hoeness said that you had watched every game.

Pep: I need more time to perfect what I know of the Bundesliga. I spent all weekends watching all the Bundesliga matches in New York, especially the Bayern matches. My opinion of the Bundesliga is good. It is not easy but I will have to adapt quickly to the players and to the other teams.
Now it’s the time for the questions from the reporters. (I’m omitting most of the “welcome” and “good luck”. Every reporter seems to say that and I’m too lazy to type that out every time)

Q: Welcome in Munich. The question that I’m posing now will probably be better answered in the next few months, as compared to today. Even so… after watching the matches, what is the unique characteristic of Bayern?

Pep: Their history. There are few clubs in the world which are so special. Bayern Munich is one of these teams. When Bayern called me up, it was a great honour for me. That’s why I’m here. I said: “Great!”

Q: Have you got to grips with the junior team and the U-23 team? 

Pep: A trusted person had visited the players, especially those who could be promoted to the 1st team soon. There were lots of positives reported regarding the young talents. We want to integrate some of these young talents into the training of the 1st team, because we know that some can promoted and we will then come to a decision with Herrmann Gerland, who naturally knows best here and Matthias Sammer. We will discuss which players are capable of being promoted to the 1st team.

Q: Can you elaborate on how your training staff will look like please?

Pep: I have not brought many staff over. Bayern already has a lot of professional in the appropriate positions. The staff that I bring over are people that I trust – those who I have been working with for 4-5 years. Domenec Torrent is one of them, he will be a match analyst and observer. Carlos Planchart will be as a scout and game analyst. Lorenzo Bonaventura will be a fitness trainer. And Manel Estiarte is my personal confidant. He competed in several Olympics as a water polo player. I like to take with me influences from other sports and I think that this will be helpful. I think it’s great that these people were willing to accept the challenge. It is a challenge for us professionally and privately and even for our families. I am proud that the club thinks that we are the right ones.

Q: Which system will you play? There are so many systems. Do you already have one in your head for Bayern? Or will it vary?

Pep: I have to adapt myself to one hundred percent to the players. The football belongs to neither the players nor the coach. The fans come to watch football. I have to adapt to the qualities of the players. The players in Barcelona are different than those in Bayern. The system does not matter. The players can move.

Q: I hope that you have not forgotten your Italian, after learning so much German. What do you think of Mario Gomez? Will he be transferred to an Italian team? What are your plans with him?

Pep: I think this is a question for Matthias or KHR. Today, all the players have the same value for Bayern Munich. As of today, he is still a Bayern player.

KHR: Those are rumors. There are no official inquiries from any clubs. He will be going for training on Wednesday, and then we will see.

Q: One of your predecessors once said that the way of life in Bavaria suits him like a warm coat. Besides football, what are you interested in and what makes you tick?

Pep: We are speaking about Bayern Munich. Regardless the momentum of last year or ten years ago, Bayern has always had great players. I cannot complain about me being here.

Q: Do you enjoy the hype? Or is it a little scary that so many people want to see you?

Pep: I’m a little nervous. But this is Bayern. They have won all the titles last year, thus this hype is normal. Maybe it’s because this is the first time. It may be quieter when this happens for the second time.

Q: In New York, you saw many players of FC Bayern. Bayern was very successful. But what are the small changes that you would like to put into place? What will be different? What are the improvements?

Pep: Please give me some time. Step by step. My German is not so good, but I will try to continue the high standard of my predecessor. Of course every trainer has his own opinion about a team and about the football being played, but there are few things that I want to change. I have told you that I am under great pressure, because I must accept and be able to live with it. I am happy to be here and accept this pressure.

Q: You have spoke to Jupp Heynckes. He was very respectful of you and you were respectful of him – you didn’t visit any of the games in the second half of the last season. After the end of the season, have you contacted Jupp Heynckes? Have you had exchanges which may provide you insight into the team and players?

Pep: Not yet. I hope that it will happen in the near future. I think it would be great if I could know his opinion. I have great respect for his work and performance – not just in the last year. He had an extraordinary career as a coach. And it is a great honour for me to be his successor. My German teacher in New York supports BVB, so she did not allow me to come here earlier.

Q: What has been the best welcome or congratulating message? And who did it come from? And what are the similarities between Bayern and Barcelona?

Pep: There are many friends that are happy for me. It is too early to be comparing between Bayern and Barcelona. I know the players from sight, but not personally. We will be working together on Wednesday and maybe after a year or so, I will be able to tell you the similarities between the two. But both are strong teams with rich history. They have won so many titles both nationally and internationally. They have earned so much respect and they have so many fans worldwide. I think that overall, I am happy and proud to be here after my time in Barcelona.

Q: There’s this feeling that a new era has dawned upon Bayern in the next year. I would like to know if you agree? And is there a similar feeling to that in Barcelona?

Pep: No, the feeling is different and the starting point is also different. On Saturday, there is a friendly and I need to make use of the workouts to get to know the team better. It would be arrogant to say that we are beginning a new era. Football is complex and one must go step by step. I cannot yet make comparisons with my time in Barcelona.

Q: 5 years ago, you said that one must get used to the team playing without Ronaldinho, Deco and Eto’o in the future. What must we get used to in Munich?

Pep: I’m not sure of the opinions of Matthias, Uli and Kalle. But my opinion is that the team is good. But it’s my opinion. They know the team better than me.

Q: The difference between Bayern and Barcelona is probably the system. It is more or less impossible that players will be poached from Barcelona. Can you perhaps confirm this?

Pep: Both teams play at a very high standard and this also applies to their youth teams. We do not want to change things just for the sake of changing. Many aspects can be maintained. There are actually few possibilities. I do not think that a transfer from Barcelona will happen. (I’m too tired to translate all that he’s saying now. I’m just going to translate the gist of it. Sorry)

Q: Could it be possible that you do not want to sign a new player, but instead surprise us, like what van Gaal did with Müller and Badstuber, with Patrick Weihrauch suddenly playing for us?

Pep: Yes. But first, I must get the know all of them. I must observe them and talk to Matthias and Kalle about them. I’m sure that Bayern Munich has good young players. But I spent a year New York, I had little opportunity to get information of the players. That’s why I need to see them. After that, we will make the correct decision.

Q: You are a guy who is very interested in culture. You went for a meal with Woody Allen in New York. What aspects of the culture of Munich and Germany interested in? And who would you like to get to know?

Pep: The artists may have to come to the Säbener Straße to find me, because I will be living there for the first six months. They have told me that the Filmothekar (?) is good. I may go there when I have the time.

Q: Can you basically describe your perception of football? What requirements must a team have?

Pep: I love to attack. This is my philosophy.


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